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  • payam roshanfekr
    payam roshanfekr Involving the Community in the Early Child Development ECD Programs: Lessons Learned from the MAZDAK Project in Eivanak Community in Tehran.
    • August 30
  • payam roshanfekr
    payam roshanfekr Involving Mothers in Child Development Assessment in a Community-based Participatory Study Using Ages and Stages Questionnaires
    • August 30
  • payam roshanfekr
    payam roshanfekr MAZDAK project that is child-friendly environment program with the community-based approach in terms of the all-round development of children in Iran is running as a pilot in the neighborhood of Eivanak in the West of Tehran. Materials and methods: This s...  more
    • August 30
  • payam roshanfekr
    payam roshanfekr has added a new profile photo.
    • August 30
  • Diana SUSKIND
    Diana SUSKIND added 1 photo(s) to the album Stonework Play:
    • June 22
  • Monu Lal Sharma
    Monu Lal Sharma Hello,
    I would like to submit research article on ECE for the publication  so where do i need to write please suggest.

    ...  more
    • June 6
  • Daw Khin  Myo Thein
    Daw Khin Myo Thein Hello  
    • May 31
  • Sherab Phuntshok
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    • May 31
  • Sushree Sangita Mohanty
  • Suleiman Halletu
    Suleiman Halletu Hello everyone here!

    I've a business proposal on Early Childhood Development, I am looking for anyone who would like partnering with me. My email address:
    • May 22
  • Golam Kibria
    Golam Kibria Hello everybody!!!
    • May 17
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  •     Organizing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Related Educational Festivals guarantee significant returns to the government’s effort to promote STEM in Cambodia’s education. This is the very aim of STEM CAMBODIA when it launched its first STEM FESTIVAL in 20...
  • The Ministry of Education in Timor-Leste is reviewing its electronic classroom observation form, an instrument that is used by pre-school inspectors to coach pre-school teachers with the purpose to enhance the quality of pre-school education. This blog is composed to initate a discussion how these f...
  • It was Sunday Dec 20, 2015, morning, my mobile phone showed an email alert, as I opened it, It was an email from Evelyn, titled Invitation …… ! Happened to be my happy moment to get invitation for one of my strong area of interest policy and planning for the early childhood developme...
  • May 4, 2015
    Posted by Md Bayazid Khan
    Primary school children need to develop skills of Six C’s for 21st century learning Md Bayazid Khan Once in a Grade five classroom of a Government Primary School Mrs Nahid Parvin, Head Teacher was engaging teaching-learning activities actively in mathematics class. Two students of the class,...