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  • Silke @ARNEC ARNEC Fundraising Consultant - 12 May 2017  ARNEC is seeking to recruit a Fundraising Consultant to lead the development of a fundraising strategy and initiate its implementation to support the execution of ARNEC’s strategic goals articulated in its Vision 2020. Specific tasks of the Consultancy: The Consultant is expected to undertake the following tasks: a) Familiarize with ARNEC’s operation and programmatic priorities; b) Review previous and existing efforts, ideas and discussions on fundraising including a review of previous report on fundraising options; c) Review current and previous levels and sources of funding and identify gaps considering the desired outcomes in the next 3-5 years; d) Identify possible funding sources within and outside of Singapore (within the context of ARNEC’s legal registration in Singapore); e) On the basis of the analysis from above, develop a fundraising strategy for ARNEC which includes (i) fundraising options which can be pursued by ARNEC in the short, medium and long-term; and (ii) an implementation plan for the fundraising strategy including the requirements for each of the funding options; and f) Implement the fundraising strategy including the need to identify and connect ARNEC with at least 3 possible donors with whom ARNEC can cultivate partnership and secure possible funding.  Please read full TOR HERE
    Tue at 11:34 AM
  • Margaret Sims Hello to all.  Best wishes to you all from here in Australia
    Mon at 7:36 AM
  • waheed alam hi respected members how are u all im shahkoti 
    April 23